The Community of a New Monastic Way is a community of people, outside of any religious structure, who have been called to a model of monastic living, founded by and rooted in the teachings of Beverly Lanzetta.  We live out the ancient charism of the monk, separate from its traditional ascetic forms, embodying the via feminina; deeply embedded in, engaged with, and committed to a flourishing of life. 

Our community formed organically, over decades, and in 2008 came to be officially known as The Community of a New Monastic Way, with eight of us taking vows as new monks. There are now 18 of us who hold our monasticism deeply in our hearts, our individual practices, and in our communion with one another. Each of us lives in our own places, all over the United States, but gather as community at various points throughout the year to deepen together into contemplative silence.


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